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I have original art and one of a kind jewelry. Everything is made by me with love and attention. There is always color, texture, and variety at hand.

I hope you will be happy to own or wear any of these and give a special something as gifts. Please read through the links for more info and to answer some general questions.

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For New End Studio Shop, Gloria

ACEO, What is That? Art Cards

What is an ACEO?  

A for Art.   C for Card.   E for Edition.   O for Original.


  • Aceos are Small Original Art made at 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. 
  • Dimensions can be vertical or horizontal, the entire card is standard at that size.  Sports trading cards are the same size as aceos.  

  • Aceos may be mixed media, collage, fabric, metal, plastic, leather, paintings, drawings, beaded, embroidered, and so on.  Anything imaginable and one of a kind.  

  • Aceos are sometimes made to custom order, printed in a series, matted, framed, hung on a cord, worn as jewelry pendants, magnetized to put on a fridge or locker,  ...  there is a wide scope.  
  • If you want to display them in a photo album, a treasure box, a wicker basket, under tabletop glass, framed for wall art, or whatever you choose to do is the best way for you to enjoy them.    

Check each ACEO listing for how it will be presented.  Unless stated otherwise, all my aceos will be sent to you in an Acid Free Archival Quality Protective Sleeve.  Some 3 Dimensional aceos are too bulky to fit in a sleeve, but they will be well protected and sent to you in proper packaging.

Thank you for reading this and if you have any further questions, just let me know.

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